Artist info


Billy Friebele was born in Washington, DC September 22, 1977, the son of two scientists. He made his first sculpture at the age of 7 with his grandfather. It was a milk jug robot. In High School he spent his time hanging out under bridges by the railroad tracks. It was the only free space he and his friends could discover. He attended St. Mary's College where he studied Philosophy and Art, fusing the two interests together in the form of an outdoor spiral 30'x30' open-air bamboo hut. Later he found work teaching art in a wide variety of educational settings, from the suburban mansions of Potomac, Maryland to the inner city streets of North East Washington, DC. At each stop he has been involved in the creation of large-scale community arts projects. He recently traveled to Panama to paint a mural with children in a rural village. His interest in finding free spaces has never changed and he still likes making sculptures out of junk. Billy Friebele lives and works in Washington, DC.