Billy Friebele

Virtual Actual Disney

Virtual / Actual - Orlando Museum of Art

Freespace Collective, Mike Iacovone and Billy Friebele, created site-responsive work that examines open space in the Orlando area. The exhibition combines videos, maps and photographs that compare the experiences of real and virtual sites.


Magic Kingdom. Disney World. Orlando, FL
Google Street View vs. Actual Footage 2.28.12

Celebration. Orlando, FL
Google Street View vs. Actual Footage 2.28.12

The videos show the artists’ virtual and real trips through both Disney World and Celebration, a master-planned suburban community that was conceived and developed by the Walt Disney Company. Iacovone and Friebele traversed the locations online first -- through Google Street View mapping technology and via photographs archived online. Then, the artists visited Disney and Celebration prior to the exhibition to create videos documenting their navigation through the actual places. The two pairs of videos mirror the same patterns of movement. While one video offers the view of their virtual path, the other shows the artists’ trip through real space.

The videos, maps and photographs on the surrounding walls ask the viewers to consider their role within our suburban landscape and within built, artificial environments. Iacovone and Friebele’s project creates a bizarre, uniquely suburban and decidedly macabre parable for our daily lives.

-Karyn Miller, Curator & Director of Exhibitions Arlington Arts Center