Billy Friebele



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Sonar Drawings - Digital Print on Brushed Silver 20in x 30in

Sonar data captured from key locations in Washington, DC where Duke Ellington's
musical career began. The color, patterns, and rhythm are determined by the distance
of people from the machine.


The machine translates the rhythms of the street into musical tones.

In commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of Duke Ellington's first song,
Soda Fountain Rag, written on the 2000 block of Georgia Avenue NW.


Realtime translations of sonar data into sound and image continued in the Hamiltonian Gallery.



Hamiltonain Gallery Exhibition of U St. Chromatic


Soda Fountain Rag Remix

In the summer of 1914, Duke Ellington was working as a soda jerk in the Poodle Dog Cafe.
One day the pianist became too drunk and Duke sat down at the piano to improvise
a piece that emulated the rhythms of the soda fountain machine.

In homage to Duke, I remixed the Soda Fountain Rag five ways.