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A multimedia artist working in the DC metro region, Billy Friebele creates artwork examining expanded notions of drawing using GPS, video, kinetic sculpture, and installation. He is a co-founder of Freespace Collective, a group of artists who produce collaborative community-based projects. Billy has exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Orlando Museum of Art, Art Museum of the Americas, and the Katzen Center for the Arts. He teaches as an Assistant Professor of Art at Loyola University Maryland.









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Time is difficult to see. It is constantly flowing around us, yet barely visible. I am interested in highlighting temporal events that occur at the periphery of perception, allowing for a vision of one's surroundings in a more dynamic way.

 I am currently developing a series of drawing machines that respond to ephemeral changes in our environment such as human movement and wind currents. I collect antiquated or discarded objects and repurpose them as kinetic sculptures. They can be triggered by digital sensors to make marks on paper in response to external stimuli. These drawings evolve in time with us, before our eyes, but only if we slow down and allow ourselves to be in the current moment.

Concurrently, I am exploring these themes in an ongoing interactive project entitled Walking as Drawing. Participants are given maps and asked to walk in the same area for a given length of time, thinking of their path as a drawing. I collect these traces and combine them into digital animations, prints and 3D models. I am developing an archive of contingent paths chosen in cities around the world, including Cuzco, Peru; Jatiwangi, Indonesia; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; New York, NY among others. 

Capturing ephemeral motion highlights the difficulty of a direct translation of temporal events into static form. Rendering invisible rhythms around us visible gives an appreciation for the fluid nature of our interactions and the fragility of our existence.









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